Display Lighting

Lighting can create a powerful, impactful presence or display. Illumination is an important piece of the puzzle to achieve the mood, style and staging that you desire. Displays with lighting can stand out from the competition, especially beneficial in crowded event halls or in retail environments.

Whether you are looking for a lighting solution for banner stands, collapsible displays, tabletop displays, folding panel displays or full-size inline or island exhibits, Luminosity™ and modern LED lighting options are a cost-effective way to maximize the design impact of your next portable exhibit.

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Finish (Color)
  1. Black6
  2. Silver1
  3. Silver powder coated exterior6

Watts (W)
  1. 51
  2. 102
  3. 124
  4. 133
  5. 251
  6. 421

Hardware Warranty
  1. 1 year Warranty13

  1. New Product1Rental Product1

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Magnetic Tape

100' roll of pro grade, one-sided adhesive magnetic tape. Instantly add magnetic capability to your trade show display.

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